Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Governmental Plans for Globalisation

A conversation I had this morning convinced me that I ought to write about the Danish Government's plans for a bright globalised future.

At a press conference the prime minister and members of his cabinet presented the public for 333 proposals as to how to meet globalisation head on. Unfortunately I can't give you a link to these proposals because they do not seem to be that public.

However, quite a few of them are said to concern education and research. Both are to be strengthened. Which is to say that they will constantly be weighed and measured, meaning that anything that cannot be weighed and measured will have to give way to the realities of the market.

Some university teachers are expecting a lemming effect - with everybody running to where the money is; and this will hardly be in the treasury.

For years the Danish government has starved universities and public research facilities, having them find their fundings in private foundations and companies. Yesterday, when the multitude of plans was revealed both scientists and business people uttered their hopes for an increase of public investments in a hurry.

They are likely to be disappointed. There is much more entertainment to be had in watching lecturers and professors fight for the survival of their departments than by taking their needs seriously.

It is a comfort to know that it won't last. But there will be carnage to look forward to before it ends.

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